Ive been gone awhile…Sorry

Man life happens to us all and I sometimes need to take a reprive away from all things. Blogging is so fun and therapeutic. I didn’t want that honestly I wanted to wallow on it all. Death hit my family twice in a month and let’s say this girl broke down. I hate for people I love to be sad or hurt I feel I need to save them and neglect me. If you’ve read my story you have definitely seen this trait. Not working is still new to me but my dr won’t release me to go back. I feel worthless although I always find something to do. In the last month my health has tanked( they want to put me on insulin for my blood sugar) I’m on a highly monitored diet and still waiting to be cleared to do the heavy walking. It sounds so funny hey doc can I go on a brisk walk? Not today Shanika. ANNOYING. But I’m working on healthy it’s my goal now with my knees, back, hips and ankle not performing well. Who knows when that’ll be.

GOOD note. I’m alive, the cats are bad, the dog fat and my family is expanding.

My Birthday!! I’m 35
My Outfit for my teens Quince
Graduated from my 6 month discipleship class!!

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