I can’t take people

I live in MI and the new abortion law is making people go crazy. I am absolutely pro-life determing the circumstances. I mentor women who’ve been raped and kept their child so I do see this topic in a different light.

So contrary to belief abortion wasn’t created for everyone who didn’t want a child to abort it. It was created to help mothers who originally had birth effects and could die if given birth. So yes it changed a bit for profit and for the prestigious Plant Parenthoot and Roe vs Wade. So that’s why I’d changed and now it’s changed again. However the clause went back to what was original for life or death of mother or child with a doctor recommendation clause.

Now I know some wild women whose had more than 3 abortions. O e is married and her husband don’t know. Which I feel should be illegal.

What I hope for the new change. I hope they put in place a number. If as a women a doctor can tell me I need to tie my tunes after so many births. Why can’t he say the same for one whose aborting children. A married women should have a signature concent from her husband. I know it sounds strange but he’s a husband not a boyfriend. It’s sad ladies are allowed to abort and not tell their spouse. I didn’t say he has to agree but he should know. I will not get into rape, molestation or insest. They should have a choice based off their mental and physical health. The trauma alone can be unbearable. I would love for women to make a choice yes but over the last 5 decades women have been abusing the system. Here where I live a kid 14/15 can get an abortion without parents approval. Why would I want my child to go through that alone. How can that be legal. But it was legal and should have never been allowed. The emotional trauma that comes after a abortion is not easy to go through alone.

Yes I know there are going to be many changes but I pray that the abuse the system has inflicted stops.

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