A gut punch

So I finally got released to head back to work a few weeks ago. So today the Director tells me that I’m not a fit for the center and terminated me. So I said thank you and left. What made me MAD was that she tried to convince herself of some lies that I immediately corrected her on.

I called my cousin and father and talked to them both and they said the same thing. Nika your not one to be pushed over, if you see something wrong your going to correct it and she couldn’t handle being told things. To be fair the center needed a update and the old view that they were going off was dangerous. Their were hazards I tried to fix and she would get mad but my brain dude the center will get closed for any incident. She was all like it’s okay I’ll get to it when I do or she wouldn’t say anything.

There is always a light I’ve learned and this tiny set back will set me up to where I need to be. I’ll miss the kids and the staff dearly. However I have to KEEP it moving!!!

One response to “A gut punch”

  1. Yes, keep moving, and I pray you will find something else soon.


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