What is WRONG with the USA

How are we still debating gun law when it seems that anyone can get a gun in their hand. Then they can kill who they want. We have more serial murders in this country than any other Country in the world. Still we are fighting. The people who have a carry permit are buying weapons and profiting off the sale to gangs. How many “lost guns” reports do we need to figure it out. So you lost a baretta last week, a semi assault rifle last month and now a 44? Okay who believes this crap. Every police station in USA nuts. Sale the guns, report them lost and go Scott free. Now we have supermarkets being shot at and schools REALLY? This country that I love is RAN by straight IDIOTS. How many more innocent people have to be killed for us to put in place a better system. 3 strikes you out system, provide proof of robbery/ break in system something. It’s garbage. That could have been my child or mom killed. We March for police brutality but shy away from these horrible gun laws and wanna ask for justice. I’m annoyed honestly.

Off that negative soap box and on to life. They fast ends next week. I’ve cheated aka ate things not on diet 5 times. So I’m not extending but I will do a week of Veggies and have meat on weekend for a month. It’s ok I feel healthy and mentally reset. I love the feeling I’m back at work after 3 months of being off and I’m excited for the summer! Going to take some trips to TX to see my sister and my nieces. All in all great week!!

5 responses to “What is WRONG with the USA”

  1. I think we’re all annoyed. Enjoy your summer!


    1. Thanks you as well

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  2. Very nice blog . You have written that the country you are living and you love it the most is run by the IDIOTS . Is it true ? And if it is true that’s why , I think , there exists no gun law . And if it is otherwise what law they are up to . Anyway , that is your problem , but your blog is powerfully strong to give message to the policy makers . Thanks !


    1. In my opinion I feel we have been given Presidential canadites that may or may not be capable of leading a country like ours. There is so much hurt and pain happening due to lack of understanding that some laws need amending due to progression of rhe human race.


  3. Your opinion is up to Mark . Thanks !


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