Long few weeks

So I thought I was free and clear of symptoms but the runny nose and cough came back with a vengeance. Have you EVER coughed so hard you pissed yourself. Man I don’t even have a menstrual cycle and had to go buy pads. So embarrassing. Crazy illness going around. However I did stick to my vegetarian diet minus 1 day. My body was so hungry my father brought me a burger and mozzarella sticks. He said I needed the fat and protein. I will say I slept very well that night. So far our of 20 days I’ve been 18 strong so not as bad as I thought I do. This fast is typically 21 days I’m doing it 31 so yeah. I do feel good on my feet. I’m thinking to do 6 days vegetarian and 1 day metatarsal (is thata word?) Well I’ll be back soon so the story can go on! Just 11 more days and we will see where my own troubled mind gets me and how I get out.

3 responses to “Long few weeks”

  1. Always cheering you on, girl. You’re doing so well – and your daddy knows what’s right. ❤️


  2. Meta what! Girl, you going to be eating feet😊?? Anyway, stay the course, you’re almost there.


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