Sorry I was gone for a minute. I came down with a sinus infection and some weird cough. No Covid yay. I’ve been eating crackers, applesauce, cough drops, water, gatorade zero, herbal teas, ginger root and bananas. LOL It was a rough week I’m getting back to normal still a cough and runny nose. Can’t win them all. I’ll take my wins where I can get them. My dad’s been my nurse so that’s a plus I don’t like being sick. Glad I got the old man he’s an amazing dad. He is and was a great provider. He was a horrible husband though. LOL hey honest my mom and him are separated after 30 plus years. She’s in VA and he’s in MI. One day they’ll figure it out I hope. But he’s my best friend and I love him although he’s not perfect. He’s the only father I’ve ever known and I’m glad 😊.

I should be back in full swing in a few days!

2 responses to “Missing”

  1. Feel better! Dad looks like your brother 😊.

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    1. LOL thanks he stays young

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