Day 6 and 7

So far so good however I have random craving that are super annoying.

Okay why a fast? Fasting can be spiritual, for health or Church lead in my opinion. No one fast just because especially since it’s quite hard depending on the fast and how long. For myself this is a 31 day fast of fruits, vegetables, unleavened breads, water and herbal teas. In a nut shell it’s called the Daniel’s Fast. I have been struggling spiritually these past 3 months since my surgery. No faith but adequate time to study, praise and be present. I felt like hey yo your slipping let’s go. It doesn’t help that I was also 193lbs and I’m suppose to be 145lbs. So my weight was taking a toll on me, not managing my time and peace time was needed. Let me tell you this week has been awesome. I find myself praising and being a steward more which is another thing I lacked. I have been opening my Bible and studies a lot more frequently. Thus far the fast is working for me.

I’m brave enough to keep trying new recipes but I have to tell you I miss chicken.

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