Make the Most

Outside maybe stormy but you can bring the sunshine

I was never a person who complained about it at all. I was the friend who smiled and joked like life was all right and man was it jacked. I had a friend name K and I couldn’t hide anything from her. She was very wise to be only 16 and she would talk about GOD like he was her best friend. To me GOD was a distant stranger who just kept pushing me in the mud and adding cement. But my faith didn’t come till way later in my life however GOD surrounded me with people who did have faith.

One day my dad told me he was going to Iraq and he needed me home to take care my mom and siblings while he was gone. I told him I can’t go back your wife is crazy and he said, “you are too.” My mom came and said, “Where are you staying? When was your last meal? When was your last bath? How much longer can you live like this?” I looked down and then she said, “Your welcomed home whenever, call me when you need me to get you.” There was a ceremony for my dad’s departure to war. I did a poem and he cried it was titled the only father I’ve ever known. It was a wreck of a day and in just a few days my dad would be in a war. Desert storm ain’t have nothing on Iraq. He was a medic and political affairs. Keep people alive and try and win the hearts of the innocent Iraqi people, what a job. He loved it though. Remember I myself was in the National Guard at this time and there were rumors we were going.

So the next 4 months went by so fast. I did so much and not all good.

So in March I called my mom and told her the people I was with got arrested and house raided. The lady had my tax money that I was going to use to get out. The cops arrested her and seized everything. I had nothing again. So I called home and my mom picked me up. We got my clothes which I carried in a blue tub and off we went. We got me a prom dress and I went with my friends. She held me when I cried found out a boy I like was moving away. She threw me a graduation party. Man life was good. I got a job at a local cereal factory and I did my best. Eventually I started hanging with my cousin. Now I didn’t know about her bad but man I wish I did. Hanging with her she became my pimp and I a disposable vagina. I worked in strip clubs and on Craigslist add. I was drunk most days and ended up in a bad place. My mom knew what was going on. She called my recruiter and asked when was my AIT date set. She moved it up and within a few weeks I was in Fort Bliss TX in February. I graduated in May and I did do summer college and fall. I felt like time had flown but it hadn’t.

So after AIT I came home and my mom was in a mood as usual and I ignored her. She asked me about some coupons that went missing. I looked at her like huh? I went on about my life back to work and waited on Spring to start back soon. In the meantime I partied with my friends. I rented cars and drove us around and my mom was angry. She never asked me for any rent or nothing so I was lost. Spring came and I used my financial aid to rent an apartment. I had school paid for by the Guard and I took all my aid and paid for an apartment for 6 months.

4 responses to “Make the Most”

  1. You are very much loved, my darling girl. Just remember that.


    1. Amen I definitely know that

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  2. Thankfully God is no longer a stranger to you!


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