Homeless but Determined

Life isn’t a fairy tale but if it was I’d be a princess eventually.

So now I’m homeless couch surfing from one side of town to the next. Doing the best I can to be on track to graduate.

The crazy part of this story was that I was in the Army National Guard at this point. I spent my summer at basic training once I finished my Junior year. How did that happen. Okay my parent gave up their rights to me and gave them to my sister. She signed my contract and to the Army I went. Remember I’m homeless and my sister is still receiving a nice check from my mother’s death benefits. Remember I’m homeless. I’m making it to drill duty the best way I can to make that $216 for a few days. Which got me a few night at the nasty motel a month. Eventually it only got rougher on the streets. Sleeping on benches, taking what we called a hoe bath in whatever sink I could find, digging in trash for a morsel of food, grabbing clothes or trading, I caught lice and went to the ER to treat and had to fight off men at night in the shelter and on the streets. Yup I was 17 years old. However what I did make happen was school, I rarely missed a day.

In school I had cool friends none knew I was homeless but this girl named K asked me kne day did you get your cap and gown yet. Senior year so exciting! I lied and said I don’t wanna go just hoping to get our of GR soon. She could tell I was lying and literally 3 weeks later I had my cap and gown in my locker. So K was 2 years behind me and she was a hustler. One of the best photographers in the school and she had a paper route. She was always dreaming big and in life she made of BIG. She helped me when I had nothing. It was crazy she saw through my lie. No I didn’t go to senior trip or all night party but I walked that stage with joy.

Being on the streets gave me such a better respect for others out there. I never ever was rude to a person down on their luck. My adopted parents would bring those who has less to our home for a meal, shower, clothes and prayer. I wasn’t raised in the best circumstances roaches and rats everywhere. Sleeping with toilet paper in my ears and nose and a straw in my mouth to breath. My life been rough since I was 5 years old. I never thought I was better than anyone, I made it but I didn’t have no cheerleaders. No one said make sure you graduate and make something of yourself. NOPE. I was my own cheerleader from a child to a 28 year old adult.

When I was 28 I found religion so I was no longer alone. What I’ve been though I know GOD was there even though I didn’t believe in him while I was going through. That motivation I had came from more than just making my dead mother proud.

Believe or Not that’s your choice but all I made it though I know he real!!!

Glory my favorite word!

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