As young people we think of the dumbest things to do sometimes.

My mom felt some type of way about my summer with my aunts. She began making me feel like I was wrong for saying anything and I began to rebel. My attitude changed I was hostile (I was wrong) and I knew I had no reason to. However my last straw was when my mother was on the phone with her mom and she called the concept of me a stray. Her words, “You know me and JT (my dad) always takes in strays.” I was NO ONE stray anything I packed my bags and left.

I went to a place that was suppose to be safe and loving but it wasn’t. My oldest sister we are 3 years apart and she was doing OK for herself and I landed on her door step. I was greeting with you need to have a job and help around here. It was the biggest trick in the world she did exactly what my granny did. Pimp me out. It was a drug dealer she introduced me to cuz her baby father and him were tight. Soon I was sleeping with him and giving her all the money he gave me. This was bull yet again I’m being used as an object. I ended up running from there after less than a year to my grandpas house.

Now my grandfather was old but moving and driving still. The one place my parents said I couldn’t go was his house. He use to molest me and my parents wasn’t a fan of his. I snuck over there and moved in upstairs. After awhile my parents found out and came knocking. I told them I was ok. I had to check in and stuff with them. You would think that a 16 year old could discern bad intentions. But nope I woke up one night to a naked grandpa in the bed holding me. Let say I bolted out of there, never to return.

Next stop a friend’s house. Eventually I had to pay my dues and I had nothing. So to the streets I went for the next year.

Life just couldn’t get right for me. Not a soul knew what I was going through. Homeless, lost, confused and angry…

3 responses to “NO GOOD”

  1. Have you had therapy? It breaks my heart just reading this 🥲.


    1. Yes ma’am. It’s been such a long journey but I can say I am so much better!!

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