Oh Boy I messed up

Sometimes wishes aren’t what they seem

Living with a mom who wanted me to be someone else I needed a break. One day my mom asked if I wanted to go spend summer with my aunts. I’m just 14 at the time and I said yes. It was end of sophomore year and I was ready to have fun. I went to the airport and got on my first flight one way to Maryland. I had two aunts who worked at the sheriff’s office. One of them was very nice and giving and the other just wanted information. My dad was not the like of the family and any dirt was good for her. I went on a tour of the jails and prison which was so cool. My aunt even took me on train rides, malls and I even got contacts. It was a fun month. Now little did I know everything I said would be used against me and my mom would really not like me.

Let me say that I was 100% honest about how I felt to the probing Auntie and she recalled it all. She asked me about my clothes, shoes, school dances and etc. I said, ” I love thrift stores they are my favorite, they have the best stuff. I love to shop there. My shoes I like the converse they come in different colors and they are cheap. My mom let’s me find my dresses and if it needs to be fixed she’s has a machine. I even get to take my dad as a date.” It was more but you get the picture. My mom didn’t like the answers and I felt bad. My aunt said she paid for the plane tickets to come visit because my mom said she didn’t have all the money. Then a smart remark saying she gets money for you little girl. My eyes were wide she gets money? I don’t get an allowance and I work for all my money babysitting or doing lawns. I guess my mom didn’t want me to know which was just the story of my life. People lying to me as usual or just using me.

Little did I know how hurt my mom would be. When I arrived home, my dad picked me up. I went to my room to find new clothes and shoes on my bed. It was cool but yet again those air forces and baby phat clothes did not amaze me. I went to say thank you and my mom said I hurt her feelings. She said the things I told my aunts weren’t true. My dad stepped in as I said, “YES they were all true dad said don’t lie.” My dad looked at us both and my mom said you did lie and I said your a LIAR and I hate you. Well let’s just say my father smacked me so hard I forgot who he was. I looked at him with sad eyes, he did what everyone did. When I told truth I was punished. He apologized and said I had to watch how I spoke to mom. I said she’s not my mom and ran away literally. All I had one was what I had and I left.

I was tired of people hurting me, getting punished for truth and just plain being not enough. My dad eventually found me and got me home to bed. The next day it was a family meeting and off I went.

On to the next place let’s see how, I can mess this up.

3 responses to “Oh Boy I messed up”

  1. Isn’t it so sad when you can’t speak your heart to family members in confidence? All a learning experience though that made you stronger and smarter I can see 😊.

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    1. Man facts thank you so much for all your kind words and joining in on my blog story it means a lot. When I was pushed to start this I was afraid of what people would think. Here I am this teacher whose been broken time and time again but can educate a class of 24 with no issues. I’m glad I did this and can’t wait for what’s to.come. you give me so much love sis thanks.

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      1. My pleasure, thanks!


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