I’m NOT them

The worse thing you can do to a child is try and make them into your image.

High School was a bit rough for my freshman year and it didn’t help that I was different. I had cousins who were older who went to my school as well but they were jocks, very popular and 2 years ahead of me. I had to find my own people. My aunt had shaved my head that summer and I had a invisible fro.(I caught lice) I was teased a lot and called a boy. I was already mad I was at this ghetto school and they just added flames to this inferno. I was in all upperclassmen math and science classes so I couldn’t shake these idiots. So I did what I do best antagonize. I w I would say, “Your a senior, why you in a freshman class? Oh cuz your dumb.” I fought with what I had the fact that I was smart and they weren’t. That ended in fights and having a father who works at your school wasn’t fun either. He’d come and break up the fight and confine me to his office. He would tell me, that’s not how you make friends. I said friends these ghetto people don’t want friends, they want enemies but I’m the wrong one. He didn’t understand so it was the talk at home how to make me fit in. Really? My mom would buy me best clothes and shoes. I got angry why do I have to dress like them, I like the way I dress. It was always a fight. I didn’t want to blend in, I’d rather stand out. Eventually my parents caught up to n the bullying and switched me schools and of course my father followed me. This new school was for me and I thrived. Now I did have friends at the old school and they were amazing but they all weren’t in my classes so I didn’t see them except in am and lunch maybe. However at this new school I knew most of the people and I was too excited to do more sports. I had only played soccer but now I was wrestling, track, volleyball and ROTC groups as well.

My parents noticed how happy I was and I stayed until senior year. With getting school right and letting me be me it still wasn’t enough. I rebelled still and the consequences were not worth it at all..

Can one live a life they hate and still thrive?

2 responses to “I’m NOT them”

  1. A person can do almost anything if they want to 😊


    1. I totally agree I too the long route but I eventually got where I was suppose to be.

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