SEX can Be damaging

Don’t get caught up in the hype of it all, there isn’t enough GOOD SEX to be blind.

I’ve heard of people staying in relationships for so many reasons. The one I wanna discuss is sex. The sex is sooo good he can smack me around. Ugh what? Girl he so good in the bed he ain’t gotta work ill make all the money. Huh? Man he so good in the bed I’ll let him and his girl stay.  Bro really? She’s so good in bed imma marry her. Sir? She’s the best I’ve ever had. Really how many you slept with? She’s just that good I wanna give her everything I have. Boy, are you drunk?

I’m sure you’ve heard a few or maybe not but sex is a piece of life and it’s amazing (I assume) in the right context (I’ve yet to be amazed). Sex can cloud the judgment of the weak for a long period or short period of time, it all depends. As we all know from reading my post I never had a healthy experience with sex. I recall my first sexual enounter of many around 4 or 5 years old with a “friend” of my mother’s. By the time I was an adult and married I was too messed up mentally, physically and emotionally to actually enjoy sex. So since sex was a distasteful act that didn’t bring much joy I just played the game. Since I was a porn addict l I knew the sounds, moves and how to show enjoyment.  This pretending worked but it got boring by the third marriage. So much about pleasing him through 4 play and sex and less about me healing from my sexual trauma. 

Taking such a long time away from sex it’s allowed me to see clearly and understand the actual concept of sex. If you don’t believe in GOD it’s ok and you may not relate. Learning that sex was created for two people who loved eachother so much that they could keep their hands off eacother. GOD states that some are meant to have a celibacy life but those who cannot should marry. He knew we were sexual beings and he created it for a specific time although in 2022 its unheard of. I walk the condom aisle and I see so many varieties of stuff that prevents pregnancy even the day after pill sad. Hey to each their own, not my cup of tea. I believe what GOD believes no sex before marriage. YES I’ve had sex without being married to a man however ever since I gave my life to Christ I haven’t. I did some close though. I’m not perfect and don’t think I am. 

Back to sex clouding your judgment and ruining your life. Sex can really get into your head and make you see, believe or hear crap. Learning how to navigate through it is important. Tell a man hey bro I won’t talk to you if your sleeping around. See what he does. If he goes to work on himself to be better then you might have something and I say might cuz they could be lying. Saying they not all the while having someone on the back burner in case they can’t light you. I married husband number 3 and that’s what he did the entire relationship, he always had another woman and my dumb butt knew it. It was the sex it was my step kids that made me stay until the divorce came.(thank GOD) the only advise I can give you is challenge your partner and see how much they are willing to do for you. 

Put LUST to the test. LOVE needs no test, it’s already proven…..

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