My Daily Pain

How could it be?

So in 1994 my mother was killed lets just call it what it was she was beaten and decapitated till she was unrecognizable. We went through the motions of a trial and the end result was a plea deal for 15-20 years. Now plea deals aren’t abnormal but in a 1st degree murder case, why would it be an option. There was a boat load of evidence because he wore no gloves and eye witnesses. Solid case you would think, so why would a plea deal be on the table unless he had something to offer. This has baffled me many years. When I returned home in 2017 and I walked into a grocery store and I saw a man. He was skinny in stature, walked with a mild limp, sunken cheek face and grey hair. I could NEVER forget this mans face and i mean NEVER. My stomach dropped, I began to shake, my breathing went rapid and I almost feel on the ground in the fetal position. He saw me and I called my adopted mom and she calmed me down enough to get out of the store. I could not believe he was allowed to be in my community after what he did. Did the police, judge, parole board have no care for the victims? What is going on here? This is weird typically the victims come to the parole hearing and are notified of the decision but not me; nothing. All I see is a bloody face of a man who washed his face, threw on a jacket and zipped up to his neck and walked out of the basement. Thats who I remember. Am I saying he hasn’t changed NOT in anyway. I don’t know the man. I just want to know how one man beat a life term, when he was a habitual offender and escaped prison before. Why would he get a deal of all the men in the world who committed a horrible murder. It doesn’t make sense to me. I want to move on but how do I when the BIG picture is he got away with serving life on some bullcrap.

Why? He never said why….

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