Face of Defeat

Its a face you’ll never forget if you’ve seen it…

Have you ever seen the face of a defeated person, one who just knows they can do no right only wrong? One who knows they could never earn trust? One who feels they could never earn love? One who feels that giving up is the only option. This next part is rough and I may not sculpt it right but I’ll try.

Good Morning Red time to get ready for school. “No mommy, I wanna stay with you.” “You played hookie with me yesterday, you’re too smart not to get all your education” she said. I groaned and she bribed me with breakfast. Which was one of my favorite meals besides fried chicken wings. I got ready and she and the lil man went downstairs to make me food. Now I was super excited I hummed and smiled as I washed myself and brushed my teeth. I could smell the bacon, eggs, cream of wheat (hint of cinnamon), coffee and peaches! I couldn’t wait. I musta got distracted because my granny and sister came into the bathroom. My granny said, “Gene dis child clothes on backwards.”  I looked down at my clothes oops my granny and sister shook their heads. My mama helped me after they got out. My granny grabbed a piece of bread with eggs and bacon and a cup of coffee. Her bus soon arrived and she went to a special school to learn. She was born in 1930 and school for her was not that important as work. She had a 4th grade education only. My sister walked to meet her friends and I stayed with mama. My mama said, “Hurry up, it’s school day today.” I ate slowly. Soon there was a loud pounding on the door. My mom’s face returned to that face she had when asking my granny to stay here: defeated.

Wonder who it could be? Police to take my mama away? Or worse…

Knock, Knock Whose There?

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