That First HIT

How does it feel? I bet it hurts.

The first day I went to the hotel where my mother was living, we sat down for dinner. My mom had a stove, small fridge and countertop. She made some smothered chicken, beans and mash. How do I remember just wait you shall see. We sat down, she prayed and started to eat. BOOM BOOM BOOM is what I heard next. I looked up and my mom said one sec. All I heard was my mom saying, “my daughters are not here tonight.” Then ahh. I looked up and there was a skinny, narrow face, old man looking at me. Said,” Wheres my plate and saw no remains of any food. He threw my mom’s plate to the wall. What a funny looking painting I thought. So I held my plate close to me. My  mom wailed a bit then started cleaning up the mess and that man was on a chair watching our TV. 

My  mom went to the bathroom and he followed. All I know is my mom came out with a bad eye (black eye) and I went to her plate in hand to feed her. She cried and he said, “Shut up, I told you what would happen,” He tried to be nice days after and it went from me and my mom in a bed to me, my mom and him. He met my grandmother, aunts and uncles no one knew what i knew. He was EVIL but I couldn’t let my mom be alone with him oh NO. I had to protect her like she’d protected me. I’d never seen my mother weak before but I could tell she had no fight left. She finally reached her final straw. I came home and I didnt see my mom or him. I searched the building, neighbors, under the bed, I knew she wouldn’t have left me. Finally I opened every door in that room and there she was, her head was in a bag. I thought she was dead. I ripped open the bag and hit her chest. I called for help. She went to hospital and survived but we didn’t go back to the hotel. We went to some place even worse: My Grandmother’s house. 

I wonder if my Mother realized that she was in for a long ride no matter where she was……

Did I realize that my mother was a victim of domestic abuse for the first time in her life??….

Domestic Abuse Awareness

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