Where it Started

A phone call can change everything for better or worse.

I remember the day that started the end to my “amazing” life or what I deemed amazing. My mom had gone to work and my little brother was crying non stop. My big sister grabbed the stroller, diaper bag and walked us all across the tracks to Grandma’s house. This day was one of the worst days ever and I blamed my sister. If she would have just listened to my mom we would NOT be in this mess. Let’s just say when my mom got home and no kids were there she knew where to go. She came to her mothers house to get her children but what she was met with was 2 of her sisters angry. I recall part of the conversation, “ Why would you leave a sick baby with a child?” “NOT all of us have a husband who makes tons of money, I have to work! I asked you if you could babysit, you said no.” “You’re unfit to be a mom. I’m calling CPS.” “JUST GIVE ME MY KIDS.” “NO!” Then came a clash of the windows, my mom walked in and grabbed us. Before she could get out the door the police came. Asked my Grandmother if she wanted to press charges, my two aunts said yes she will. Away went my mother in the police car and I wouldn’t see her again till Christmas. It was a long fall (it happened in September) and I wanted my mother. 

I don’t know what happened honestly but a few days before Christmas my Grandmother got us all dressed up and we took a cab someplace. I have no clue where it was but my mother was there. There was a tree full of gifts, Santa and most importantly my MOM! I held her tight, my brother cried and my sister was as distant as she could be holding on to my dear old Grandmother. When it was time to leave I yelled and got a spanking from the nice old lady. I was just a 6 year old child who wanted her mother. I was furious when I got home and received my real punishment:the attic. I hated the attic and it was dark, cold and creepy but when I was “BAD” that was my punishment. I hoped my mom would come everyday and nothing until the snow started to melt and sun came out daily. It was March and my mommy was home! 

She was happy she wanted us all to move with her in this one bedroom hotel but of course we couldn’t. However I stayed with her every night, and I refused to let my mother go again. The only catch was it wasn’t just us 2 there was another evil,mean, crazy man that was there. I traded one BAD for another, I just didn’t know HOW bad he was.

The love of a mother is one of the most important feelings a woman can have……

What if you knew this picture would be your last picture..(Mom, April 1994)

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