Lose Yourself

I wanna be, I wanna be, I just wanna be ME!

I woke up one day and said, “I don’t care!” I had had enough of the poking, moving, strapping in, pulling of the hair, brushes on my body, etc. I wanted a burger, fries, shakes and chips so I went out and got them. I skipped the gym for over a month, no more calorie counting, outfit shopping, designers meetings, runway walking, photo studios and appearances. I was done with my life as a model. It was fun while it lasted but I wanted to be me. The sweat pants, bulky shirt, Timberland boots and afro me. No more “made up” me. 

I’ve always loved the way I was created but someone can convince you that you’re not enough. What I will say is at most of my shows the makeup artist would say, “Girl you have some nice skin and healthy hair” right before a wig or weave would go on top and a canvas of makeup. It’s one of those concepts of your pretty but this will make you “gorgeous.” Crazy but it was my reality for 3 years and boy let me tell you, if i knew then what i knew now i would have said, “No thank you.” Not everything that glitters is gold and when it is gold it always comes with a catch. 

My catch was the way I was proportioned. I had a small waist, butt, wide hips, average cup size and I was natural. When people saw my comp card they would book me. I had a great few years I will say but what it took to keep up was losing me. 

NEVER lose you for someone(friends, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, etc)  or something (money, fame, job, etc)  

I am MORE than a PRETTY face, waist, butt.

Walking the Walk
Who I was before all the fluff!

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