Strong but Weak

I can move a mountain if I need too

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to use the strength you NEVER thought you had? Have you ever felt so WEAK that you couldn’t see your strength? 

As a woman and I mean one born with ovaries (no pun intended) seem to have a crystal ball of some sort. I’ve seen mothers literally pull their children back from cliff, swim to save their child’s life (when they can’t swim), pick up objects like trees, metal bars, etc off their child, survive on the streets of New York City in the winter with their child and so much more epic things. No I’m not saying that fathers don’t do this but I’m speaking exclusively about mothers. Who has an unspoken strength. 

I’ve always been the “mother” of my two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. I recall my sister being jumped during a recess in Elementary School however these girls were warned about her little sister. So when I got to them let’s say black eyes, busted faces and hospital visits. I had a rule in that school dont touch my sister EVER if you did I would hunt you down. I was 80lbs soaking wet, a nerd, quiet but strong. Now my brother was a sick child always in hospitals and I was by his side every time. I held his hand, I gave him sponge baths, I was outside waiting at every procedure, I didn’t miss one hospital visit for him or her. I had strength to protect them although I was weak outwardly. 

The strength that a mom, biological or not, is one that cannot be matched. 

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