When I Grow Up

You CAN be whatever you want, remember that!

As a child you are typically asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I not only knew what I wanted to be, I was putting it into practice as a child. What was my response: A Teacher. I knew I want to invest my time in: children’s education. I would help my older sister with her homework and my little brother as well as friends. It was fun to help others especially since I was book smart and I had enough knowledge in my little brain as any adult. It’s not a brag, it really happened by mistake. 

When I was about 10 years old to fight against being sold so often I would hide out at the library. While I was there I read books about everything, not just Goosebumps or The Babysitters Club; I loved math, science, studying countries and different cultures. I excelled in all grades as a child and had a true joy of learning and helping others learn. As I grew my brain developed an abstract way to process and receive information. I could literally calculate a math problem in my head in seconds; yes I know others can do this. However, people who lived and grew up like I did in my experience were not like me. I heard the complaints, the suicide attemps, the giving up and I said I would not fall into that puddle. I WILL GET OUT and make something of myself. I worked HARD and never complained even when I could have. 

Having a teacher’s heart really made me have a connection to any student that I came in contact with. As I grew in my FAITH I learned that HE gives us all something special to share with the world. Mine is definitely a teacher’s heart. Knowing that you’re called to do something before you even believe is a crazy concept I know but it’s 100% true. Even today I enjoy teaching children new words, concepts, activities, games, dances, etc. I love being a kid with kids. (Probably because I didn’t really have a chance to be a real kid) Now I have a Masters degree in Education and I continue to work in and around students to develop strength in learning. 

If you’re GOOD at something, invest in it.

All Grown up!

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