Let’s Chat a Bit

Relationships are important

The purpose of this blog is to start a dialogue about every day life. It can be  good or bad but sometimes listening to how others dealt with it can help you get through it. 

I have heard men for years give women advise on relationships, attitudes, singleness and much more. Why? We know best about us. The fact they weren’t born with ovaries or a vagina has never crossed our minds when listening. This seemed very weird to me. Why not have a group of women who discuss the in’s and outs of life. Helping each other answer questions. Like: Why am I not marriage material? Why do we always argue? Why does all he only care about sex? Ladies we can get together and do the same work those men are doing.

We will also discuss some new concepts, skills and food dishes to add to our rolodex. Being a woman is hard enough so why not go through through the bumps, twist, turn and lost times together? I am optimistic and I know that we can and will.  


We are Friends NOT Lovers

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