Name Break Down

Why SHH?

When it comes to why I decided on the name Smart, Humble & Hungry it all came down to what spoke to me. I must say empowering women was never something I’d thought of being apart of. The BIG MAN upstairs came up with that all on his own. Now can I be the voice of reason for many of my female friends, yea but I know them. To try and lead from a digital aspects and tell women to love themselves more, care for themselves more, be a voice for themselves and much more is stressful.

So back to the name. I wanted something powerful, something that showed we as women mattered and that we are strong. 

*We are SMART, We are HUMBLE and We are HUNGRY. 

*Smart is not just about being Educated but also showing wisdom, discernment, vigilance, resourcefulness, effective and much more.

*Humble is not just about not being arrogant or proud but also showing humility, care, direction, obedience, respect and much more.

*Hungry is not just about going after what we want but also inspiring, motivating, determined, decisiveness, strong-mindedness and so much more.

If you are not wanting to know more by now, it only means I need to do my job better. 

We are headed into waters that most of us want to steer away from: the Past. If we can’t go back and see where our strength came from how can we ever defeat the arctic mountain of mistakes.

Beautiful but NOT Perfect.

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