Hello to all! Welcome to Smart, Humble, and Hungry. My name is Shanika, but most just call me Nika. I’m 34 years old and I reside in Michigan (burr). This blog is all about motivation, empowerment, and healthy lifestyle choices. I am a certified culinarian and trained by a master pastry chef out of CA. I wish to share with you all new recipes, budget tricks for groceries, motivation to reach goals and empower you to plant your feet and take flight. Goals are amazing, but without that hungry spirit, they may not take flight. All goals come with knowledge, but without being smart, it’s hard to find, seek, and apply the information. All goals are unique and precious to you, and without being humble, you will have a hard time selling your dream or passion to others. Here at SHH, we thrive on being open-minded, passionate, funny, and, above all, real and honest. I know life isn’t always the best, but having somewhere to go to for a bit of optimism, love, care, strength and light may just assist in your journey.

Welcome to a platform like no other, where you matter and where you are pushed to your greatestness.